Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spears Troubles?

Britney Spears, as you can plainly see, would make a bad influence for anyone. Jamie Lynn Spears, younger sister of Britney, has been pregnant not once, but twice. Is this just a coincidence, or has big sis become the Bad Influence that no one wants their daughter to become? Just take a look at her new video, Womanizer. Poor Jamie has lived under the shadow of Britney for years; could these pregnancies (not even a whole year after one another) be a pained cry for help or attention, a girl trying to escape the wrongs cast upon her by what her older sister had done, or is Jamie Lynn just becoming a baby machine? I know that if I were to get pregnant twice at that young age, my parents would have beat the crap out of me. To Jamie if she's out there: you don't need to be a mother, there are always people to listen. To Britney: please, please, PLEASE try to help your little sis. She needs you, Brit. And let's keep it clean, kay?

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